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Making sure all of the details are covered can be very important to your business.  Imagine an airline pilot not conducting a flight pre-check before taking off.  Perhaps your business needs aren't as crucial, but when it comes to customer service can you afford to deliver anything less?  WORKLINX allows checklist items to be created and prompted when they are needed, by anyone needing them.  Included with the checklist item is all of the information required to complete the check. Once the prompt has been signaled, the check can be printed and delegated.

Perhaps you're using a simple diary system.  How do you go about delegating the duties when the time comes?  In WORKLINX, all the data is available at the click of a button. Very powerful!

"We've missed that deadline TWICE in three months... I have to remember everything? Doesn't anyone else know what to do?"

"I thought you were checking on that!"

A major source of frustration and annoyance for many business owners and managers occurs when things that should be checked are overlooked or simply forgotten. The results usually come to light when a problem arises. It's discovered that if a certain thing had been checked as everyone thought it would be, the problem would not have occurred!

As a manager, the important thing is not what happens when you are there, but what happens when you are not there.
Putting the One Minute Manager to Work. - Blanchard & Lorber

WORKLINX helps you ensure Check list Items are checked


What needs to be checked? Some items are obvious and can be set from the start. You simply enter these into WORKLINX and allocate the check to an individual. Or in the case of equipment, you can easily prepare a list that's checked by whoever uses the gear etc.

Many items requiring checking reveal themselves as problems occur. Okay, it is nice to think we can anticipate them and allocate accordingly, but the reality is, some things surface when a problem happens. The important thing is to avoid repetition of the problem. As soon as the item is found .... enter the Check list Item into WORKLINX and have it managed so it's unlikely to occur again.


Check lists are printed at the end of every week for the following week (weekly items) and at the end of the preceding month for monthly checks. These check lists are distributed to staff and signed as the checks are made.


WORKLINX allows you to keep a permanent record of the checks. You can either enter these records individually, or bulk load them as completed as planned.

This gives you an audit trail and in the case of many health and safety issues etc. this can be vitally important.

This also gives you an easy way to determine which employees have met their obligations when it comes time for their review.

Checklists give you peace of mind

Simply enter the Check list Item in the system, have the check lists printed and distributed and you can rely on your qualified, dependable staff to do their job as prescribed. The checks will be done the first time and every time from now on.

It's more important to be doing the right things than to be doing things right.
One Page Management.  - Khadem & Lorber.

Your customers will confirm how good your checks are by increasing their business with you. Customers like businesses that deliver on their promises. They like doing business with people who do what they promise to do. And people who are in control can promise a lot and deliver even more - customers really value that level of attention!

Maintaining customer care when staff are away

How well do your systems - your customer relationships - your sales and profits - survive when staff are away?

There are many reasons for staff being away including; sickness, bereavement, family illness & issues, holidays, training courses, conferences, meetings, lunch, jury service, transport delays - and other absences that cause hassles for others - including your customers.

It's not unrealistic to have cover for everyone on your staff. In fact, it is vital to your growing success. However, we have seen many examples where staff are allowed to ‘protect their domain - hide their secrets - or often - others have little idea about what they do all day.

WORKLINX provides the system to record ALL work procedures and check list items so someone can cover for everyone - when the need arises. This means far more positive outcomes especially where staff have well deserved leave or attend conferences etc.  They go feeling confident others won't have problems while they are away - and they don't return to chaos.

Imagine things going right ... imagine getting better results!

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