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WORKLINX captures your business systems. It creates the most valuable asset in your business .. how everything gets done .. doing the right things right, the first time and every time. It's all about working on your business, rather than in your business. It's about freedom, accuracy, consistency and assured profits.

WORKLINX is like and insurance policy for your business. It provides 'cover' for all your work procedures .. your systems can carry on even when key people are away.

Worklinx is also about empowerment ... people can get on with new work because they can quickly learn HOW to do it. Or, if the information is completely new, they will record the 'how to' as they go so it's easier for them next time, or for anyone else who has to do it.

Worklinx uniquely links together Health & Safety, Policies and Procedures. This ensures the primary liability moves to the individual .. to reduce the business exposure to risk. Worklinx produces instant training resources which provides signed proof the training has been carried out.

A WORKLINX programme includes a work systems analysis, software installation and systems implementation. We help you manage your complete documentation programme to minimise business interruption.

The main advantage for everyone is RAPID ACCESS to how work procedures should be done - safely, efficiently and with minimum stress. Our goal is to deliver maximum results in a minimum amount of time. We expect you to quickly see the benefits you are looking for!

Click on the sample WORKLINX page to the right to see how each item is linked to the rest of the business.

Whether your business is large or small, WORKLINX has the power to help you meet and exceed your Standard Operating Procedures

Contact us today for a more detailed review of your business requirements to see how WORKLINX can make a real difference!

Our WORKLINX Consultant will assess your needs and tailor a programme to suit your requirements. While WORKLINX works for all business situations, specific businesses have their own requirements and our consultant will ensure an optimum programme is established.

To minimise delays and maximise implementation benefits, you may also have the services of a trained System Builder to assist with your programme. Our System Builders can carry out work systems analysis, then interview staff and author their work. This process can be on-going, or the System Builder can train members of your team to continue the process. The aim is to bring the fastest benefits to your business.

Staff can get pretty frustrated with new planning processes and especially when new software is installed. It always takes time for people to get to grips with these things. That's why WORKLINX provides MORE than software. We can make the process very manageable regardless of your business size or location.

There is always a risk that employees see other reasons for change and new systems. And, when this involves what they do and how they do it, their concerns can increase. We anticipate this by providing a Staff Support Guide which every employee receives at the start of the programme. This easy-to-read booklet explains the programme - it even has some fun illustrations for those who learn better with pictures - and invites all staff to participate. Everyone can contribute by recording parts of their work on specially designed WORKLINX templates. These are explained in the booklet. Read on for more detail about WORKLINX and how we can make it easier to be successful in your business.

"How come computers track everything around here except... WHAT we do and HOW we do it?...

...we need a datafile with all that stuff!"

Enhanced systems require some effort

Depending on how your systems have been documented to date, the process of recording the knowledge will take a little while. However, WORKLINX Consultants and System Builders have a few tricks to help you make faster progress.

Our consultants can take you through easier pathways and everyone will have positive benefits within a few weeks. Over time, management, staff and customers alike will talk about the benefits of your improved systems.

WORKLINX is versatile - recording and presenting your knowledge in many different ways. But the trick is the linking in the software. WORKLINX saves time and money by linking so much knowledge together very efficiently and yet making it easily retrievable.

We call it implementation, you may call it regeneration.

Trained experienced assistance

WORKLINX Consultants and System Builders will provide business systems education for management and software training for your system controllers. Our team have tailor-made resources including computer-based training to make the process easier to implement faster. At the same time, paper templates still have a place and many of your staff can contribute effectively to the process as well. They can be kept as involved as you would like them to be.

On-going support - technical support

WORKLINX keeps in touch. Our technical team are only en email or phone call away. There are also some very effective inbuilt support systems in the software. In fact, users find the WORKLINX style on-page help files very handy. We've designed them to suit users rather than programmers - you'll understand this comment when you experience it.

Consultant and System Builder

A WORKLINX Consultant will tailor a business system package to suit your needs. This tailoring and customising will include assisting with a logical pathway to maximising the benefits.

A WORKLINX System Builder will assist with work systems analysis, procedures interviews, authoring, database loading and transition training. This comprehensive implementation programme will minimise interruptions while ensuring your datafile is compiled in a timely manner.

It's also important to understand that WORKLINX can link to your existing documentation, so your records can easily be incorporated into the system.

If you have sufficient resources on your team to manage most of the programme, then that's fine as well. A WORKLINX Consultant and System Builder will train your people to use the software and maybe run some training workshops to ensure a smooth implementation process. They will assist your team with using the various tools and above all, will ensure your system is kept up to date with all the most recent innovations.

WORKLINX System Builder Software is a living program - we listen to feedback and we have our own development programme. Updates are produced regularly to bring these additions and innovations to our customers.

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