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The Worklinx Philosophy
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A Business Can Be Likened to an Orchestra

The WORKLINX philosophy can be illustrated using the analogy of an orchestra.
Trained Talent produces Harmony. Add Volume and gain Customer Applause!

Best Practice Assures Quality Outcome Using the Worklinx® Business System Programme

A business can be likened to an orchestra

Trained Talent produces Harmony. Add Volume and gain Customer Applause. Businesses employ a variety of talented people to fulfil various functions required to run the organization. Not all are virtuosos, but when recruitment processes are correct, the ideal team will be in place for both efficient and effective management of the business (all sections of the orchestra will have correctly placed musicians).

In an orchestra:

Individual musicians, each playing their specialist instrument, read their own music, which relates to the conductor’s score. Under the baton of a talented conductor, they produce harmonious enjoyable sound .. just as the composer imagined. The audience enjoys and appreciates the appealing music so much they call for an encore .. and tell their friends to go to the concert themselves!

Isn’t this a similar ambition of businesses everywhere?

You need to find suitable talent to excel in the positions you have designed in your businesses. Talented people who, when trained in your systems and methods, work in harmony with their colleagues to deliver outstanding service to your customers who, when absolutely delighted with the quality of your products and services offered, not only return again for more, but tell others how good you are. Working in harmony doesn't mean losing respect for or discouraging individual talent. No matter how incidental their part seems, it is a unique part of the whole which all work together to produce a beautiful performance.

Like an orchestra, businesses have a mix of employees with a variety of skills and resources. The key to success has to do with consistency. Musicians follow a score … business employees need to follow proven Standard Operating Procedures. Neither restricts individual flair, in fact, rather than restrict, the opposite is true. When everyone plays to the same score, true harmony results and growth is assured.

WORKLINX is designed to increase personal, individual performance. It’s designed to increase creativity and spontaneity. It’s also designed to increase and maintain compliance to known quality standards. Get organised and INCREASE creativity ... increase the creativity of your whole organisation!

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

What we say and do is inconsistent, our customers think we are five different companies!

We need to be more consistent!

WORKLINX takes a novel approach to managing Standard Operating Procedures.

We start with the JOB and identify what is done. We ‘drill down’ and enter the details - the Key Tasks then the Work Actions and SOPs. When standard procedures and training methods ‘are the work’, consistent quality for products, services and management systems can be assured. WORKLINX also manages checklists, health and safety risks, equipment maintenance, training regimes

The advantage for everyone is RAPID ACCESS to how work procedures are (or should ) be done - safely, efficiently and with minimum stress. And, when you know MORE about your work ‘positions’, you can hire staff with skills and experience that exactly match the job requirements.

Coping with overload is easier, because individuals can select parts of their job for others to do while work pressures exist. Jobs can be tailored quickly and easily because all the data is linked. It’s also easier for others to cope when staff are away unexpectedly or on planned leave, because they have excellent work procedures to follow .. WORKLINX - Personal Work Procedures.

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