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Business Operating Systems

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Departments and Areas

While many small businesses may not have Departments and Areas, we encourage you to define them. This is especially important for Health & Safety records.

You need to enter this detail BEFORE entering staff names and linking them to Jobs because it's important to show which Department each staff member works in and who they report to.

Simply enter the Department and Area details for now .. some of the other pages in these sections are automatic once you have linked other data. Back to Top


This section is designed to accommodate teams structures. You can enter team members which are linked to their staff details and of course all their work details. You can also indicate the Team Leader. Back to Top

Staff Details

You have the option to enter quite detailed staff records in this section. These will include Employment details so you retain a permanent record of important employment information.

While more than one person may be employed in the same Job, we believe you should be quite specific about the Responsibilities and Authority for each individual employee And where the employee has more than one role, the responsibilities and authority for each job should be clearly written.

Orientation - You create a default orientation format for each job.

Ratings - WORKLINX allows you to RATE every Work Action each employee works on. The system creates an average for each Key Task. You may print these pages to use for Staff Reviews and Training. The aim is to have staff achieve progressively higher ratings. This provides an objective appraisal mechanism.

Checklists - Checklists are allocated to employees. You can see whether the check has been recorded in the system.

History - You can record events for each employee to retain a permanent record of what, when, where etc. Good for recording special presentations, training, special leave etc. Back to Top


Checklists save you time and money and ensure key work is done when it should be. Risk management. Back to Top

"I" Button

Online help in WORKLINX is only a click away. On almost every screen in Worklinx, there is an “I button” the user can click on to get help specific to that screen. When the "I button” is clicked, a separate HTML window will appear with information pertinent to the WORKLINX screen. In other words, if the “I button” on the main menu is clicked, a window with general WORKLINX information will open. If the “I button” on a Job Description control panel is clicked, a window with information for Job Descriptions will open. Back to Top

Equipment Checklists

You describe the equipment and make a statement about what maintenance has to be done. The system allows you to record important information. Saves time trying to find it in hidden files later. You can record the supplier's official service specifications or whatever servicing routines you prefer to be carried out. Back to Top


Shows staff ratings summary. View staff by Check List item or by Key Task. All of this information helps you design appropriate training programme's.Back to Top


Folders enable an alternate, complementary use for your Work Actions. In the folders section, Work Actions can be compiled into Department Work Procedures. Whereas a key element of WORKLINX is to create detailed Personal Work Procedures manuals containing Key Tasks/Checklists and Work Actions for individuals. This section allows you to double your investment! Work Actions are compiled and sorted by Department. People often need to access Best Practice Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) quickly in an area with which they are unfamiliar. Important instruction documents can be included in a folder and placed beside a piece of equipment, or in a specific location in a department where people need to access these instructions quickly. Back to Top


This is a very important section of the system. Hazards relate to Health & Safety. The system allows for a short form code, title and situation. Situation is more to do with a brief REASON why the item is regarded as a hazard. A permanent record of what has happened for each Hazard, Excellent for Health & Safety records etc. Back to Top


This section allows you to build the Key Tasks of a Process. Code and Name the Process. Then enter the Outcome when the full process operates correctly. View a complete list of all Key Tasks. Once the Process is selected, a report will show all staff who have the Key Tasks allocated and their current RATING for the Key Task. This helps identify Process Fault Potential and urgent Training needs. Back to Top


Tools for configuring the WORKLINX environment. Back to Top

Document Samples

This section provides LINKED access to general documents on your computer, documents you may wish to access quickly while you are working in WORKLINX. e.g. You may have a Word document template for job applications etc. Simply list them here so you can link to them with the click of a button. Back to Top


Clicking this button will take the user back to the WORKLINX Home Page. Back to Top


New developments placed here. Back to Top


Clicking this button will end the current WORKLINX session for the user. Back to Top

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