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ACC Discounts*

You may be able to recover the total cost of your WORKLINX Programme plus your implementation costs simply by qualifying for an ACC premium discount - because you have implemented a WORKLINX System and gained a favourable ACC audit. The tools to do this are integral to WORKLINX!

View an full presentation about the WORKLINX ACC Partnership Program!

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What is the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices programme?

The ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices programme has been developed to encourage employers to create and maintain safer workplaces. In return for putting in place systems and processes for managing and improving workplace safety, you receive discounts on your standard ACC workplace Cover levy.

The programme recognises employers who have:

  • Established workplace health and safety systems
  • Good practices in injury prevention and workplace health and safety

Impact on employees

Joining the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices programme does not affect injured employee entitlements. Entitlements remain as provided under ACC Work Place Cover .


Discounts to your ACC WorkPlace Cover levy are awarded on three levels, to recognise how comprehensive and effective your workplace safety management practices are. The three levels are:

  • Primary - 10% discount
  • Secondary - 15% discount
  • Tertiary - 20% discount.

ACC will decide whether a discount is awarded, and at what level, on the basis of an independent audit of your workplace safety systems and procedures. Discounts apply for 24 months, starting from the first of the month after a successful audit. To renew your discount after 24 months you must reapply and have another audit.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices programme cover eight areas:

  1. Employer commitment to safety management practices
  2. Planning, review and evaluation
  3. Hazard identification, assessment and management
  4. Information, training and supervision
  5. Incident and accident reporting, recording and investigation
  6. Employee participation in health and safety management
  7. Emergency planning and readiness
  8. Protection of employees from on-site work undertaken by contractors and sub-contractors

You can obtain information about ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices programme at:

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