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Personal Work Procedures and Organisation Chart

Integrating Work Procedures in WORKLINX

Personal Work Procedures are compiled within WORKLINX


Existing documents eg., ISO manual pages etc. can be linked at the Work Actions level.


Job Descriptions: In WORKLINX a Job Description is a list of Key Tasks performed as part of a defined role. They are called "Personal Work Procedures”. The list of Key Tasks provides a brief overview of what is expected of an employee that is charged with fulfilling that role and why. In many businesses the employees have several different roles. WORKLINX allows each staff member to have one or more Job Descriptions.

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Key Tasks
: A Key Task is a group of one or more Work Actions that is assigned to one or more Job Descriptions. A typical Job Description should have about 5-7 Key Tasks. Each Key Task should have an expected outcome (or key performance indicator) by which you can determine if that Key Task is being successfully performed or not.

This sample report shows the Key Tasks assigned to a specific Job Description plus the underlying Work Actions.

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Work Actions: Work actions are the most fundamental element in Worklinx. They are the part of Worklinx that captures the procedures of your company, which prevents that knowledge being lost, and also provides an efficient way of training employees on company systems and procedures. Training is performed primarily at the Work Action level, and competency ratings can be kept for each staff member on Work Actions for which they have received training.

This sample screen shows Work Actions being defined for a Key Task.

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Linking External Documents

This is a very exciting feature of WORKLINX. The benefit is: you do not have to duplicate external documents e.g., if you have already written SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for various parts of your business, you can link to these files within WORKLINX - and - when you print your WORKLINX data, you can call for these external documents to be printed at the same time.

For example, if you have a Procedures Manual, each staff member can have a copy of the manual printed when their Job Description is printed. You simply select "ALL Documents" when printing and the linked documents will print at the same time. This way, you can give every staff member a comprehensive Job Description with Linked procedures.

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WORKLINX Jobs are linked into a unique interactive Organisation Chart where reporting lines feature a 'drill down' capability to view Key Tasks, Work Actions and Procedures with just a few clicks.

This is a very powerful module to provide management with staff information on who does what, why and HOW. It is particularly helpful when people are absent. It's much easier to see what activities are like to be exposed and who can take over.

NB The chart is not 'live' here. Contact Worklinx for a demonstration.

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