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Staffing and Human Resources

Attracting More of the Very Best Employees

WORKLINX provides a competitive edge - before & after new employees are hired

WORKLINX can quickly show you:

  • Who should be employed - hiring suitable people
  • What employees actually do - in detail
  • What responsibilities and authorities have been allocated
  • Key Tasks and Outcomes (KPIs)
  • The Work Actions each employee is trained to do
  • The Best Practice Standard Operating Procedures and Training Instructions for all work
  • How competent your employees are to do their work

What influences an applicant to accept a job?

If you consider what influences (or once influenced) your decisions, then you'll be pretty close to what your applicants will be thinking about when you make them a job offer.

How can you attract more of the very best employees? (They are in short supply!)

"How come we can replace an employee on $40,000 and not be clear exactly what they do, yet we won't buy technology for $5,000 until we know everything it will do...

...we're missing something here!"

Give applicants more information than their current employer or prospective employer provides ... in other words ... present them with a top quality Job Description and Employment package. (In WORKLINX - we call a Job Description - Personal Work Procedures - because that's what they are.)

WORKLINX gives you the ability to present the very best Job Description.  Plus the quality of this information DOES influence employment decisions. You will have a competitive employment advantage.

We recommend you present the WORKLINX Job Description at the first interview. This shows the prospective employee:

• Job Description
• Key Tasks & Outcomes.

(Responsibilities & Authorities are employee specific - so are not normally presented at this time.)

We don't recommend you allow ALL prospects to take the WX documents away. This is valuable intellectual property and should be managed accordingly. Only allow key prospects (your short list) to retain the document for home reading and make the point that copying is forbidden and their reference copy must be returned at their second interview.

Prospects will be impressed with your WORKLINX generated Job Description.

Your applicants are likely to be applying for jobs elsewhere. They will be comparing your business with others. Imagine how you would feel about the comparison. You would be equally impressed if you were presented with a true Job Description.

• It tells you the business is ORGANISED - people like to work in organised companies.
• Organised companies perform better.
• Organised companies pay more ... they can measure success.
• They can measure the contribution made by members of their team, so it's easier to continue to exceed staff remuneration expectations.

For the second interview, you will print the next level of the Job Description from your WORKLINX data file .... the Work Actions for each Key Task and the Checklist file attached to the job. At the interview, Key Prospects ‘score themselves’ on the list of Work Actions .... give a scale of say 1 - 5 :

1 = fully trained and experienced,
5 = no training at all.

This detail can be very helpful when evaluating prospects. You can make judgments on total competence and also on the level of training the person will need before they can fulfil their new role.

You may present your ‘general draft’ Responsibilities and Authorities ... this is situational.

At the end of second interviews, retain the information the person has provided ... their score sheet.

A bonus to this procedure can be the ‘record’ you gather at the interview. Keep the document. When you employ the person, place the score sheet on their staff file and refer to it for scheduling training etc.

You also have a permanent record of what they indicated they were good at! If problems arise later, you can refer them back to their score sheet and ask them how come?

Better businesses, leaders in their field, are built by better people using superior systems. To grow, and continue to grow - be the best on your field - you need to attract and retain the best people. You need better people than your nearest competitor. WORKLINX will help you attain this objective.

‘Massaging’ your WORKLINX data is quick because it's inter-linked. You can make fast amendments to your Job Descriptions and other data. The competency ratings you enter take just a few minutes but are there for ever. Adding or deleting Key Tasks, Work Actions, Check list Items etc. takes just a few key strokes and everything remains linked.

‘Employees are more than what they do. They are the people behind what they do. Employees who think the company they work for is first rate produce work that's first rate. If you reward them, they'll reward you. Just remember, you were probably one yourself.’

The 59 Second Employee.  - André and Ward.

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