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Tailored Start-up

WORKLINX - We Handhold Implementation

The WORKLINX Business Systems Programme offers more than software

We expect our customers to receive the maximum benefits in the minimum time. To assist with this process, we offer an implementation consulting service which is designed to ensure you see the benefits you are looking for quickly.

The WORKLINX Business Systems Programme satisfies many needs. Your WORKLINX consultant will explain the programme in detail which includes the unique WORKLINX Software and System Builders to get the work done.

Enhanced systems require some effort

Depending on how your systems have been documented to date, the process of recording the knowledge will take a little while. However, WORKLINX Consultants and System Builders have a few tricks to help you make faster progress.

Our consultants can take you through easier pathways and everyone will have positive benefits within a few weeks. Over time, management, staff and customers alike will talk about the benefits of your improved systems.

WORKLINX is versatile - recording and presenting your knowledge in many different ways. But the trick is the linking in the system. WORKLINX saves time and money by linking so much knowledge together very efficiently and easily retrievable.

We call it implementation, you may call it regeneration.

Trained experienced assistance

WORKLINX Consultants and System Builders are trained to help your implementation process. And they can train your team to manage the process too. They will also train some specialists in your business to manage the continuing programme.

Ongoing programme development

WORKLINX is an ‘alive’ programme. You will benefit from the ongoing software development and additions to the overall Business System Programme.

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